Since established in 1957, TONGJIN SHIPPING now represents about 200 principals (ships' owners, operators and charterers) in the world and has been attending nearly 250 vessels per annum who are calling at Korean Port(s). All the ships under our agency care are being looked after and served by our well-trained sub-agency network covering all Korean ports together with Seoul head office and Busan branch.

TONGJIN SHIPPING composed entirely of the well experienced staff with abundant knowledge of shipping industry, is providing its finest service to every type of ships over the range from conventional ships to chemical, gas carriers including tug & barge for the interest of the principals.

TONGJIN SHIPPING is confident of its sincere and efficient attendance for all the ships anytime, anywhere in Korea. TONGJIN's major field of tramper agency is focused on the followings :

Representing some of major European Owners,
5 new building ships or so are under our agency care every year well supported by ship building yard in Korea based on a long-term business relations each other
cargo vessels' handling as agent is one of our major role in our agency work and we are also performing our attendance as Owners' supervisory agent taking care of numerous husbandry matters
our main focus is in the loop of North Asia region and we have mainly been handling some of forestry and steel products, especially bound for Japanese & Northern Chinese port(s)
West Coast : Inchon, Pyongtaek, Dangjin, Kunsan, Mokpo
South Coast : Busan, Masan, Okpo, Yosu, Kwangyang, Samcheonpo, Cheju
East Coast : Ulsan (Onsan), Pohang, Donghae, Bukpyung